Position yourself for profitability, the Kingdom way

How long have you known that you have a call on your life to make a significant impact in the lives of others, yet you aren’t seeing the desired results in your business (or your life)? You've been trying to execute the vision your way, but you haven’t consulted with the one who gave you the vision in the first place. It is time to build your business on a solid foundation by implementing Kingdom principles into your business using the Profitable Founder Formula.

Are you ready to take consistent action & make greater impact in your business and life?

Can you Imagine:


    Relinquish control and submit to the authority of God. No longer doubting your genius or questioning your ability to make an impact in the lives of others. Grow out of your comfort zone and dismantle self-limiting beliefs and habits. {Psalm 139:14}


    One without the other is nice, but it’s time to step in to receive what is meant for you. Poverty isn't just a lack of money, it's a mindset. God has not ordained us to live impoverished lives. You will learn to make, manage and multiply your money. {Deuteronomy 8:18}


    Once people experience what you have for them, they will not only be different, they will see for themselves the life altering results. {Romans 12:2 AMP}


    Living a life of balance is a myth. Considering all of the hats you likely wear, we are not here to help you balance (juggle) the tasks you have. You will learn to manage your priorities and increase your productivity. {John 10:10 AMP}


    Learn and implement Faith-based & Kingdom principles that will help foster personal development, sharpen leadership skills and prevent burnout. {Matthew 6:33}


    There are many ways to do business, but we do it the Kingdom way. In addition to this PFA's training curricula, you will be part of a community of impact making Founders who desire to do business and life, God's way. {Acs 2:42-47 AMP}


These are the 4 types of people Profitable Founder Academy is for so that you can determine whether this program is a fit for you:

  • You are the Founder of a social impact organization with a few initiatives, but you’re currently self-funding your own projects with little to no profit.

  • You are a Service Professional looking to repackage your expertise so that you can create an additional revenue stream.

  • You are an Event Creator looking to build a reliable team, establish quality partnerships, increase the engagement of your existing audience, or trying to figure out how to navigate this POST-COVID event world.

  • You are a Subject Matter Expert who is completely over “going “with the flow. This is you if you are or have been DIYing yourself to exhaustion and still don’t have a solid business foundation.

  • To recap, PFA is for you if you have a Serviced-based business or a Nonprofit organization. It is time to build your business on a solid foundation by incorporating Kingdom principles into your business so that you can make greater impact, become profitable, and establish work-life harmony.

Profitable Founder Academy™ Structure

Phase One of the academy will include the Welcome Experience, onboarding training and seven Prework lessons. Phase Two will include Modules 1 though 5 which will cover the fundamentals of your business. And Modules 6 through 9 will be Phase Three of the program where we focus on strategic partnerships and deploying our engagement plan.


  • 7 Self-Development Exercises

  • 5 Founder Fundamental Modules

  • 4 Strategic Partnership Modules

  • 9 Group Training Sessions (ZOOM)

  • Monthly Hot Seat and Q&A Session

  • 90%-Done-For-You Templates

  • PRIVATE Founders Community w/ Database

  • Supplemental Material Vault w/ Resources, Recordings, & Guest Trainings

  • Access for the lifetime of the program.


  • Sharp Speaker (Class) ($297 Value)

  • Offer to Impact (Class) ($297 Value)

  • Grow Your Partnership Portfolio Class (Class) ($197 Value)

  • 1 WIACON Ticket ($397 Value)

  • Money Mindset Training ($497 Value)

  • And other bonuses you'll find when you inside!

Learning Outcomes After Completing The PFA Program

  • Demonstrate skills of priority management, self-discipline, and F.O.C.U.S.

  • Obtain knowledge of how to channel thoughts into productive and strategic action

  • Implement strategies for collaboration

  • Move away from feeling burned out toward peace and clarity of vision

  • Develop habits that increase your impact and position you for profitability


  • How soon will I secure my first partnership?

    This depends on a number of factors which will be reviewed in Partnerships Made Simple and addressed in the first module. I will share that it is not necessarily based on the size of your audience, your email list or how long you’ve been in business.

  • Do I have to have a nonprofit to secure partnerships?

    No. Having a nonprofit is not a requirement of this program nor is it a prerequisite to securing partnerships. However, I do encourage to do your own research and consult with your legal representative to determine the benefits and if a nonprofit business structure is right for the vision you've been given.

  • I’m a seasoned founder. Is this program going to be too “beginner” for me?

    There will always more for us to learn. I am an avid believer in learning new things about what we believe we already know. I have witnessed this decision result in the radical transformation in my own business and my life as well as those who apply this principle themselves. We decided to make this a 3-part program to help Founders establish healthy and proactive self-care practices, build or restructure their existing business on a solid foundation, and incorporate partnerships into your business model. If there is any room for you to grow in one of these three areas, this program may be for you.

  • I’m new in business and just getting started. Will this program be too “advanced” for me?

    This program is best for Founders who have been in business for at least two years. This is because you will have some history of serving your clients, learning how your business functions, and you have a better idea of the areas where you are gapped. If you have been in business for less than least two years, this program will help you build you business on a solid foundation the first time around. Please keep in mind that should you decide to invest into this program and you are new to business, we will not be focusing on identifying your business idea and registering with your state. The students in this program have their business idea or have an established business, but are here to establish healthy and proactive self-care practices, build or restructure their existing business on a solid foundation, and incorporate partnerships into your business model. If you have any additional questions, email our Student Support Specialist at support@amargotblair.com

  • Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

    As a PFA student, you can purchase 1:1 Strategic Action Sessions with A. Margot Blair. These sessions are 3 or 6 month packages with Vision Plan Assessment, Monthly Calls, Action Assignments, Monthly Reporting and an 90-Day Action Plan. Also, there will be opportunities for you to earn incentives when you complete modules, refer a friend, post or answer questions. Each month one Founder will be recognized with a full writeup and we will gift 1:1 Strategic Action Sessions. In short, to participate in 1:1 Strategic Action Sessions, you can buy them, earn them or both. We no longer offer Strategic Action Sessions to the general public. Only current students and PFA alumni are eligible for Strategic Action Sessions.

  • Can I join with my business partner or team member/s?

    Yes, but each person will need to have a separate account. Even under one organization, we believe it is essential to serve each individual who makes up the organization and help each person identify how they fit within the larger vision. This allows you and each member to get all the value out of this experience.

  • Do I have to believe in God/the Kingdom to participate in the program?

    The Profitable Founder Academy™ is a program that teaches Founders how to incorporate Kingdom principles into their business so that they can build their business on a solid foundation, increase their impact and establish work-life harmony. At PFA, we do business, the Kingdom way. We pray. We study the Word. And we grow in our understanding and involvement in the Kingdom.

  • I'm the Founder of nonprofit and we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Should I even try to build my business right now?

    There are a series of questions I could ask you, but I will ask just this one: What are you afraid of? If you dive deep to answer this question, it has little to do with being in a pandemic. It likely has little to do with not having clear or sound sales and marketing strategies. It likely has everything to do with trusting God to lead you through your process.

  • Is my investment for this program tax deductible?

    You will want to check with your tax advisor, but is most cases your investment will be, yes!


You can choose which path is best for you. Below you will find the tuition options for the Profitable Founder Academy™ program.

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Greetings, I'm Your Founder's Guide

A. Margot Blair

A. Margot is a Business Advisor, Professional Trainer, and the Creator of Profitable Founder™️. She specializes in strategic partnerships, event marketing, and nonprofit development with an emphasis on speaking skills and organizational leadership. Over the last decade, A. Margot has studied the psychology behind collaboration which has allowed her to host a 23-city tour, three professional development conferences, and publish 7 professional & personal development resources. A. Margot has been recognized as a Top 40 under 40 leader, Top 35 Millennial Influencer, and has receive three state proclamations presented by former Mayor Greg Staton and Mayor Kate Gallego. She has worked with clients including The Obama Foundation, Black Enterprise, Comerica Bank, Grand Canyon University and employees of LinkedIn, Dallas Mavericks, ADP, Toyota, Prudential, and more. She has also contributed for Forbes Business Coaches Council.